Ceramic Ornaments

Do you use POD (Print On Demand) companies to print your ornaments? 

No! We never use a POD company to print our ornaments, even though nearly ALL other small business ornaments companies do use POD. We print all of our ornaments in our art studio. We do not use these print companies because we have found there is little to no quality control for the prints. Time and time again, customer receive low quality, fuzzy or faded ornaments that do not look anywhere near the mock up online. 

Do you guarantee the quality of your ornament prints? 

Yes, because we print all of our own designs and heat press the ornament ourselves, we can guarantee the ornaments is going to be as bright and vibrant as possible. Keep in mind, your computer or phone screen may show a slight variation is the depth or shade of a color so there may be some differences with shade and depth but never with the quality or clarity! 

Bulk Orders

I need a different quantity of ornaments than the ones listed, can I special order a different amount of ornaments?

Yes, we can create a special order for the quantity of ornaments you need. We will email you the specific price breakdown and all options available. The more you order, the less the individual price! 

Can you ship bulk ornaments directly to the ornament recipients home?

Yes! Instead of shipping the entire order of bulk ornaments directly to the buyer, we can ship each individual ornament directly to the gift recipient. Not only does this save you time but this added feature will remove the stress and worry of ensuring your large quantity of ornaments makes it to their intended receiver in time for Christmas! 

If I do pay for individual delivery, how will I be notified when all the ornaments reach their destinations?

If you choose to pay for individual delivery, for your bulk orders, we ask that send us a word document or excel spreadsheet with the names and addresses of each ornament recipient. We will add a tracking number for each ornament sent and the date the ornament is delivered. We will send the updated doc or excel back to you so you can keep the information for your records.